Comprehensive, innovative and independent

By granting a management mandate, you benefit from the experience of a professional financial intermediary, relieving yourself of individual decisions and gaining more time to live and enjoy.

For added value with strict risk control

Your assets are managed with a conservative investment philosophy. It is not the “heaven on earth” promised, but the orientation is reasonable and realistic.

The customer is included in financial intermediation using this specific approach. At the first customer meeting, a comprehensive needs analysis of the customer is first carried out.

The formula for success

Asset protection is the most important goal. This is achieved, among other things, by investing only in soundly managed and financially sound companies. The result for the customer: a better return without more risk at a low cost. It is bank independent, and probed strictly according to customer needs. The three pillars of the investment concept are at the center. They are the basis for goal-oriented success: low costs – more return – better asset protection.

An efficient and independent investment process is characterized by successful analysis and investment processes. In order to achieve this convincing performance, scientific approaches are used that have proven themselves in practice. Their success is proven in numerous studies. The assessments of the markets are independent of banks and neutral through proven analytical approaches.

The asset manager
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